Tuesday, June 27, 2017

CPLR 205(a).

CPLR § 205. Termination of action. (a) New action by plaintiff. If an action is timely commenced and is terminated in any other manner than by a voluntary discontinuance, a failure to obtain personal jurisdiction over the defendant, a dismissal of the complaint for neglect to prosecute the action, or a final judgment upon the merits, the plaintiff, or, if the plaintiff dies, and the cause of action survives, his or her executor or administrator, may commence a new action upon the same transaction or occurrence or series of transactions or occurrences within six months after the termination provided that the new action would have been timely commenced at the time of commencement of the prior action and that service upon defendant is effected within such six-month period.

Practice point:  An out-of-state action is not a "prior action" within the meaning of the statute.

Case in point:  Deadco Petroleum v. Trafigura AG, NY Slip Op 04887 (1st Dep't June 15, 2017)

Here is the decision.

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