Friday, October 14, 2016

A shareholders's right to inspect the books and records.

Practice point:  In New York, shareholders have both statutory and common-law rights to inspect a corporation's books and records, so long as the shareholders seek the inspection in good faith and for a valid purpose.  A shareholder's concerns about board mismanagement and excessive expenditures and wasteful dissipation of corporate assets are, on their face, a proper purpose, even if the inspection ultimately establishes that the board had engaged in no wrongdoing.  Because the common-law right of inspection is broader than the statutory right, petitioners are entitled to inspect books and records beyond the specific materials delineated in Business Corporation Law § 624 (b) and (e).

Case:  Matter of Pokoik v. 575 Realties, Inc., NY Slip Op 06648 (1st Dep't October 11, 2016)

Here is the decision.

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